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Issue 10

Issue 10 will be a "Best of Lime" issue, with the best comics, quotes, stories, art, and poetry from the previous nine issues. It will be in an extra-large, 11x17 format.  When it will arrive, I do not know. 

Update: 5/20/05: #11 was published last year, and I have just released issue #12.  #10 will happen, mark my words.  I'm still deciding if I want to do 11x17 format -- it's not a very convenient size.  I may just make the zine extra thick.

What you'll find
The cream of the crop. Examples:

Best poetic quote: "I grew up on the smell of fresh lumber." -Laura

Best odd dream writing: "Just for the blackworm -- just lean and look around."

Best art: Rosie-the-riveter style drawing of Neal's grandmother shoveling coal (see lime #6 cover)


Rough idea of what the new cover will look like