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Links to zine, art, and other sites
"Lime" is created by me, but it is not created in a vacuum. Here are sites that interest me and inspire me.

Zine sites
Zine world: A Reader's Guide to the Underground Press Zine distro site.
Pander zine distro A well-established zine distribution catalog whose web site is much cooler than mine.
Xerography Debt #6 This site lists "Lime" under Reviews by Davida Gypsy Breier, Personal zines.
Zine Guide and Index Lime got a very nice review on this page under zines of the week, January 19-24, 2003.

Favorite Sites
Lucid Dreaming FAQ Dreams have been playing an increasingly large part in the content and inspiration for my zine. This site has a lot of really interesting information about dreaming and being aware while you're dreaming.
Lair of the Crab of Ineffable Wisdom/

This site has a lot of flash animations from the guys who brought us the Quizno's Subs "spongmonkeys".  Much of it is very juvenile (multiple swear-generators, a crab-squashing game), but some is, well, rather good ("Winners"). I hate to plug a big site like this, but I love it. Music and movies inspire me too, and if it weren't for Half, I couldn't afford them.
Font File

This site has amazing fonts you can download for free.

Frida by Kahlo One of my favorite artists since I was about 16, Frida Kahlo's art is beautiful, brutal and amazing.
Chuckles Emporium (Kidders) You can find cute stuff here for really cheap -- whistles, trick gum, plastic bugs, yo-yos... some of it is quite un-PC such as the "Polish" playing cards, switchblade combs that you'd probably get expelled over if you brought them to school, fake cigarettes with a picture of teenagers on the package... Fortune Telling Fish are only 9 cents apiece --That's where I bought them for lime # 11.
Who Killed Cock Robin? A case of curiosities

A reproduction of a quaint book that illustrates the poem "Who Killed Cock Robin?" in taxidermy. All kinds of interesting mistakes in movies like continuity errors. Example from The Wedding Singer: "When Robby is mentioning all the people that will never find someone to be with at the wedding he sings at after he gets dumped, he starts singing Love Stinks. He goes over to the overweight character and puts the microphone in his face and the character replys (sic) 'love stinks', the character gets into the song and trys (sic) to grab the microphone from Robby and when he does you see a wedding band on his left ring finger."
Wildfire's Sanctuary This is a nostalgic site for me -- it's about a TV show I used to watch at the magical age of eight.